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Flashback or Rerun?

February 22, 2012

More than four years ago, I wrote an article (read it again here) in a much more public forum than this one about my concerns firefighters were expressing too great a sense of entitlement. Those recent readers of this blog (which I have been writing now for far longer than I have held my current day-job), could have found it and read it at any time. My position on this and many other topics is a matter of public record.

I am flattered by recent suggestions that this blog has a national if not international reach. Until a few days ago this was anything but true. Only family and close friends checked in with any regularity. On occasion someone lost in Internet search-land might stumble in thinking they might find something relevant.

This blog does not really exist to be read. It has always been primarily a thing to be written. A place for me to go with issues I dare not keep inside.

I do not hate firefighters. That would be self-loathing and self-defeating. I do expect a lot of them and myself though. And these days (and for quite awhile now) I have not been seeing it.

The generations of firefighters that came before us sacrificed mightily for the benefits we now enjoy. They did not feel entitled, they felt grateful.

Too many within our ranks have fallen for the myth that might makes right. A majority is little more than a reality distortion field when it pits the best interests of individuals and small groups against the common weal. Consensus does not equal correctness.

I am truly sorry that so many firefighters find my remarks offensive. But I do not apologize for offending. Your emotional response to what I am writing says much more about you than it does about me.

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