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The Now

June 3, 2009

Good leaders understand the perils of living in the past.  Bad leaders think only about the future.  Great leaders know what really matters is The Now.

Leading with a sense of respect for the past and a clear vision of what will be important in the future only yields results when we make the most of the opportunities before us right now.

Our experiences shape us for better or worse.  Likewise, our aspirations and expectations of the future can either embolden or engulf us.  Which path we find ourselves following depends entirely upon the actions we take to create the world in which we hope to live.

Leading with authenticity and integrity requires us take stock of our values, which inevitably emerge from our experience.  It also requires us craft realistic yet challenging goals that help us see and use the opportunities in the challenges we face everyday to fashion a future worthy of those values.

The best leaders accept that the past is beyond their control.  The future is only possibility.  And the promise of a better life for themselves, their colleagues, and their communities lies in living their values in every moment.

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